A new beginning

It has taken me some time to get to this point. The one where I finally have re-vamped this site. It was a fine old site, served me well for so many years. It was simple html and that was all, no java, no css, no nothing. Not anymore. Now it has all the prerequisite bells and it even has some whistles. It should be responsive and look swell on your phone. There is a very good chance you are looking at it on your phone right now.

It isn’t 100 percent complete just yet. There are some changes I would like to make, items I would like to add and a couple things that I’ve been wavering about that I just might stop the wavering. If you have any thoughts, do send them my way.

I’ve included most of the content of the old site along with quite a bit of new. There is quite a bit here. I hope you take the time to dig through it all. I’m planning on keeping it updated regularly, so stop by again

Your Pal A.

Up top is the old site, the last version of it. The structure and html has been the same since the late nineties.

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