A roaring success

I was asked to help design some spirit wear for my kids elementary school. There were some ideas presented and those ideas were incorporated into some of the roughs I worked up (seen below) and I had some ideas of my own. I had wanted to do an illustration, because that is my go to solution for everything. It is what I like to do. In the five years my son had been in elementary school there had been many different styles of shirt designs and there was one that I had like the best (and I had been asked if I had designed it but it wasn’t mine, but I wish I had) so I thought to do my version of that shirt. Their mascot is a tiger, so there needed to be a tiger. So the three on the right were my roughs ones with cats. Everyone liked the tiger and we picked the full cat standing on all fours, but they also loved the 70s style design as well so we decided to do both. Voila, a roaring success!


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