Zoom Sketching

I don’t post here nearly enough. I have lots I want to show you all, but I never seem to take the time to put anything out there. I’ve been

Fall Classics!

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Over the summer my daughter was in camp and as one of their activities she did some linoleum block prints. She wanted to do more at home, so we gots


A year ago we visited our cousins out in Colorado Springs. They had an idea for a bar/restaurant so in my free time (or the time I avoid the work

October dream baby dream (and more)

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Last month I became obsessed with Suicide and their first album, but mostly with their song “Dream Baby Dream.” Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a sucker for a

A roaring success

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I was asked to help design some spirit wear for my kids elementary school. There were some ideas presented and those ideas were incorporated into some of the roughs I