October dream baby dream (and more)

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Last month I became obsessed with Suicide and their first album, but mostly with their song “Dream Baby Dream.” Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a sucker for a

A roaring success

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I was asked to help design some spirit wear for my kids elementary school. There were some ideas presented and those ideas were incorporated into some of the roughs I

Silk Road Rising upcoming shows

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I did a couple of pieces for my friends at Silk Road Rising. One is a Christmas show as told by Muslims and Christians. And the other is called Detour


I’ve been working this past summer on a bunch of posters and artwork for the theater Silk Road Rising (will show those soon, as soon as I get done with

I can’t believe it, he is 10!

Realized I never posted this, Here we have it, year number 10 of P-Skwish. With that the latest record cover re-creations. Top one in memory of Tom Petty and the