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Turning Six

  17.01.2017   askwish   Design, Kids, Photography   No comments

    In the continuing series of classic (and some not so classic) album recreations, these are the latest.  

Under Pressure

  11.01.2017   askwish   Kids, Singing   No comments

A few years back my family broke out into an impromptu version of Bowie/Queens Under Pressure. It still makes me smile.

Dance away 2016

  3.01.2017   askwish   Dance, Kids   1 Comment

It has felt like a really long year. I am glad it is over. Not sure a new year will make all that much difference, but we have it and

Ninth Birthday

    My kid gets older and we get another record cover. I had been working on a version of Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain, but shifted with the death of Leonard

Recreating Records

  23.11.2015   askwish   Art, Design, Kids, Photography   No comments

Every year for my sons (and for my daughter) birthday I recreate classic (and not so classic) album covers. It is always a struggle to pick just one so I