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Under Pressure

  11.01.2017   askwish   Kids, Singing   No comments

A few years back my family broke out into an impromptu version of Bowie/Queens Under Pressure. It still makes me smile.

Dance away 2016

  3.01.2017   askwish   Dance, Kids   1 Comment

It has felt like a really long year. I am glad it is over. Not sure a new year will make all that much difference, but we have it and

Creating an illustration

Two and a half hours compressed into a little over 7 minutes. This video shows pretty much my entire process after I have completed and scanned the sketch. For this example,

Do you wanna Dance?

  16.06.2015   askwish   Kids, Other   No comments

I have tons of video of the kids having dance parties. Way too much to show them all, so periodically I compile them into a single dance video. Here is