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Illustrator, Designer, Photographer and then some
30 years ago I graduated from S.U.N.Y Buffalo with a degree in Business Administration. That summer my sister helped me get a paste-up job at the Poughkeepsie Journal and I was sucked into the word of publication design, graphics and illustration. I never looked back.
I love visualizing ideas. Give me a story, a brief or just a headline and I will come up with something, something that makes sense (or nonsense if that is what is needed). The best part is when you start, when every option is still possible. Just you, a pencil and a blank sheet of paper.
I sketch and I sketch and then sketch some more (sketching is the best). I scan this sketch and take it into photoshop (originally I worked with cut paper) and add bits of the textures, colors and scraps that I have collected over the past 30 years. In the end you get a drawing.

I worked for several years alongside Andrew Skwish, later asked him to teach in many of my seminars at Poynter, and finally, watched with glee as his illustrations graced publications around the globe. His responsiveness and creativity have few equals!

Ron Reason, Design Consultant.

Andrew Skwish is the most creative person. No qualifiers and no doubt -- he's the most creative. As an illustrator, designer, teacher and photographer. His work is infused with a wild spirit of inspiration that sets it apart yet complements the message he's conveying. Andrew always had another idea, a different approach or just one more thing to show. It's this imaginative approach plus his impeccable execution that make him one of the most talented illustrators and designers working today.

Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Washington Post

Andrew has the ability to come up with strong, clear ideas for the subject matter, and yet adds that certain "Skwishness" to them to give them that nice little edge. Hire away!

David Cowles, Illustrator Supreme

Andrew’s passion for his craft is unmatched in the world of illustration and design—he lives creativity. In the way that one would set out drudgingly on a creative task Andrew approaches it with zeal and an imaginative viewpoint that is seemingly effortless.

Linda Aldredge, Creative Entrepreneur

Andrew's creative spirit and vigor is limitless. He drives to the edge and then pushes even more because he is never satisfied with the status quo. And more importantly, he'll take you there in a mild manner that you'll want to work with him time and again.

Andrew DeVigal, Chair in Journalism Innovation And Civic Engagement at University of Oregon's SOJC-Portland; Co-founder of A Fourth Act.

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