Basement Tapes pt. 2

A word of warning: these recordings do not sound great. There is big wow and there is even bigger flutter. But their charm is indisputable. Here is the second of what hopes to be a bounty of cassette mixes. This one comes from 1987. A couple of years out of college. I think I was still in Buffalo, NY. I’m pretty sure I was still there.

Side A: Since I fell for you (Claudia Schmidt), History lesson pt. 2 (Minutemen), I’ve got it bad (Dinah Washington), It just came to pieces in my hands (Style Council), Boys don’t cry (The Cure), The international herb (Culture), Ghosts (The Jam), This charming man (The Smiths), No fun (Sex Pistols).
Side B: Night life (BB King), Hallelujah, I love her so (Ray Charles), Femme fatale (The Velvet Underground), The harder they come (Jimmy Cliff), Save it for later (English Beat), African Lady (Ken Boothe), Blue sky (Allman Bros.), To turn you on (Roxy Music), My little underground (Jesus and Mary Chain).
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