Yes, we most definitely got married.

For those of you who want to relive the fun
there are lots of photos around the world wide web
(the official shots will be available soon.)

A whole bunch here at this flickr collection.
Some movies by our friend Eric.
More at this flickr group.
We have a bunch of people we would like to thank for making it the best party ever.
First off, thank you to the amazing Tran Ha for designing, arranging and setting up the flowers, candles and so much more.
To Mary Ann Coyle and David Salk for graciously performing such a heartfelt ceremony.
To Tran, her husband Howard Henry Chen, Nick Macri, Derek Hilburger, Elizabeth Harano and Ron Harano for chauffeuring people around.
To Lisa Sutton for moral support, sash sewing, location scouting and invitation design for E's bachelorette party.
To Dana Wise for bachelorette party organization and dance-captaining.
To Emily's dad, Ed, for the best Family Welcome ever.
To Emily's mom, Gail, for the boutoninieres, bouquets and last minute seating.
To my folks, Kathleen and Walter Skwish, for the rehearsal dinner.
To Gwynne Kizer for her terrific singing on 'Wedding Bell Blues.'
To Mary Kay and Chris Kelly for their help on the fun facts.
To Kara Jo Engelbrecht and Linda Aldredge for helping put up all the pictures on the walls and emotional support.
To Jodi, Khal and the Speakeasy staff for the fantastic food and hospitality. You guys were awesome.
To Angel Food for the delicious cake.
To Nicola and David Finch for the beautiful and unique rings.
(Check out they have to say and see other rings of theirs here.)
To The Janes for their Go-Go support.
To John Boehm for shooting the photos. Can't wait to see them.
To Erik Uppenberg-Croone for shooting the video.
Also can't wait to see it (re-enactment script coming your way soon, Erik.)
To Orchestra Now! for getting everyone on the dance floor.
Especially for the Get-up-and-Go-Go take on 'Everybody Wants You' and the spirit rousing version of 'Ghostbusters!'

Two big fistfuls of thanks to Katy Cunningham and Andrew Devigal.
To Katy for the beautiful runner, scrolls and the even more beautiful songs. For your patience and humor.
To Andrew for the bachelor bowling, friendship and the above photo (which says it all.)

Finally to Ed and Gail Cunningham for sending us off to marital bliss in style.

Thanks, all!
You Rule!